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What is Technical analysis?

Technical analysis involves predicting future price movements for stocks, commodities, currency, and bonds. Mass investor psychology is analyzed using historical market data. The data includes price, time, and volume.
Mass investor psychology refers to the overall investor optimism, pessimism, and expectation in the market. Since these psychological factors move share prices, technical analysis is considered the “study of mass investor psychology.”

Technical analyst

The person performing technical analysis is called the technical analyst. The technical analyst uses charts and technical indicators to predict the future price movements. Technical analysts are known for forecasting the probabilities of future price movements.
Technical analysis consists of price charts, volumes, patterns, trend lines, moving averages, and indicators. There isn’t a standard process for technical analysis. One analyst’s guess will be different from another analyst’s guess


Algo trading can be simply defined as a system which can place buy / sell orders, based on pre-defined rules.

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